It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Garage

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the homes—it’s for the garage, too! Dirt and clutter can be a health hazard to family members. So, take some time as the weather gets warmer to clean your garage. Things build up in the garage over summer, autumn, and winter. Gardening supplies and rakes never got put back correctly. Holiday decor was hastily piled in a corner. Take some time this spring to tackle the storage build up.

Step 1: Take Everything Out

Throw open the garage doors and move all the clutter into the driveway. This will help you see what you have. When you leave boxes were they are, you are more likely to overlook things. Our brains tend to ignore or filter out certain things in our environment. That box of old baby clothes in the corner fades into the background. Removing everything from the garage gives you a better perspective. 

Step 2: Remove Old Storage

Get rid of old toys or other clutter that is taking up space. If you have storage boxes in your garage that haven’t been opened in over a year, chances are you don’t need the stuff inside. Sort through them and determine what you really need to keep. Donate, sell, or discard everything else. This is a good time to think about a garage sale. 

Step 3: Sweep and Clean

Sweep the floor, wipe down shelves, clean windows, dust any heating and cooling units used in the wood shop. Prepare the space so that it’s clean and ready to put everything back. 

Step 4: Organize Storage

Create designated areas for items you keep stored in the garage. One space for gardening tools, another shelf for holiday decor, and so on. Return items to their rightful place. You may even consider using a label maker to mark the areas for easier future organization. 

Cleaning is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. We’re here to help with your garage clean out.  Call 732-763-2711 to schedule an appointment. 

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