Top 3 Gadgets for Staying Organized in 2019

Are you resolved to get organized in the new year? Many people don’t know how to start decluttering their home or office. Or they struggle to keep it that way. The key is developing good habits. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 methods, as well as tools to help you along the way. 

Top 3 Habits for Managing Organization

1. A Home for Everything

Start by decluttering. Sort through your material possessions. Dispose of or donate items in your life that you are no longer using. Then storage is less about keeping everything and more about finding what you need.

Place things of the same category together. Books on the shelf, clothes in the dresser, cleaning supplies under the sink, etc. That way you know where things are when you need them. Likewise, every member of the house should have his or her own space for storing their things. Spouses should have their own side of the closest. Each child, his or her own dresser. 

Suggested reading to learn more about decluttering and organizing: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

2. Develop a System

Once you have things organized and decluttered, how do you keep it that way? More items will come into your life, and they will need a home. Develop a system for dealing with new clutter. 

For example, deal with papers using a three-box system: inbox, pending, and outbox. As mail and paperwork come in, everything goes in the same inbox. From there you can decide if it is actionable, reference, or recyclable. Put actionable items in the pending box, reference in the filing cabinet, and everything else in the bin. 

3. Keep it Simple

Staying organized doesn’t have to be difficult. Set yourself up for success by choosing a system that fits your lifestyle. If it’s easy, you’re more likely to do it. 

With that in mind, make sure putting things away is the easiest part. For example, uses open-top baskets for toys. Make sure everything has enough space to fit when stored. If things are falling on you, you won’t put more in. 

Top 3 Gadgets for Staying Organized

1. A Label Maker

This simple tool is useful in so many ways. A label maker is a hand-held gadget with a keyboard that prints custom, self-stick labels. Create tabs for your filing system. Label inbox, pending, and outbox. Name each storage box so you know what’s inside.

2. Slatwall

A Slatwall is a customizable system that can stand on your desk or be mounted to the wall. The Slatwall holds telephone caddy, inboxes, binder holders, and even small shelves. This makes use of vertical space to keep your desk clutter free.

3. Lay and Go

Remember, when it comes to tidying-up you want to keep it simple. The Lay and Go line of products make it easy to store any number of everyday items. This circular mat contains small pieces for home or travel. Tidy up legos in seconds. Pull the cord and the playmat turns into a storage bag. 

By following these habits, you can keep your home tidy all year long. Don’t know where to start? We can help you get and stay organized in 2019. Call 732-763-2711

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